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Coleman Small Business Podcast -- Episode 7 -- Mike Thomas, Chairman and CEO, Thomas USAF

Michael Thomas

Chairman & CEO
– Thomas USAF and Thomas Financial Group

Michael Thomas (CPA) is the founder, CEO and Investor in USAF I, II, III and Thomas USAF Group, LLC. In 2011 he founded his fifth USAF fund, McDonald USAF, LP and in 2015 he announced the formation of his sixth fund, USAF 6, LP which he currently manages. Mike has been in the government guaranteed loan business for over 35 years. He headed the Small Business Administration (SBA) Transition and Reorganization for President Jimmy Carter. As partner at Ernst & Young, he set up the Ethanol Guarantee Loan Program for the US Department of Energy. He founded USAF I, the original stripper of SBA and USDA loans, in 1986.

Mr. Thomas co-authored the SBA Model Service Provider Agreement. He founded and managed eight lending and investment institutions specializing in SBA and USDA loans, including B&I Lending, the #1 USDA RD Lender in the nation from 1997 to 2001. He also served as President of the National Rural Development Association in both 1999 and 2000.

Mr. Thomas is a frequent speaker on Rural Development forums. He currently functions as the CEO and Chairman of Thomas USAF and Thomas Financial Group, LLC.

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Vasu Srinivasan
President of Thomas USAF Group

vasu-srinivasanVasu is the President of Thomas USAF Group, LLC and Co-Founder and COO of McDonald USAF, LP. He is widely recognized and regarded as the industry “guru” on IO strips. He has served as the COO of the last four USAF Funds since 2002, including USAF II and USAF III. USAF Funds have attracted Institutional Investors like Aegon (Dutch Insurance Company), NMB (now ING), Stahl Bank, Roark Capital (Private Equity Fund) and D.B. Zwirn (hedge fund) over the years. These USAF Funds have established themselves as a leading secondary market player in the government guaranteed loan space over the last 28+ years and a dominant buyer of USDA B&I loans. McDonald USAF LP, with its 65 individual and institutional investors including mutual funds, was a dominant player in the 504 FMLP program in 2011 and 2012. He handles all secondary market functions involving purchase and sale of government guaranteed loans as well as institutional and investor relations. He has addressed various secondary market related industry forums over the years. Prior to that he was the Chief Credit Officer and Chief Financial Officer of B&I Lending, the nations’ largest non-bank lender in the USDA B&I program. He is one of the few people in the industry with both secondary market as well as lending experience.

His 34 year banking career includes assignments around the globe including Asia, Middle East, Europe and the U.S. with stints as a bond trader, Vice Chairman of a company that was a correspondent for Lehman specializing in conduit loans for hotel properties, Vice Chairman and CFO of a residential mortgage company out of Los Angeles and Phoenix, Chief Credit Officer and Member of the Global Credit Committee of an Investment Bank with operations worldwide, Managing Director of a Trade Finance Company in New York and Manager of a retail banking operation. His experience also covers syndications in the global markets, middle market corporate lending in the US, operations and consumer banking in India, and correspondent banking as Chief Representative in the US for a Bahrain based Investment Bank. He started his career with Citibank and was trained by them in Greece, Philippines and India.

He has represented investors on the Board of Hamilton Savings Bank in San Francisco, Summit National Bank, GA, a venture capital firm based in TN, as well as residential mortgage companies. Mr Srinivasan is a Rotary Scholar with a M.S from Lehigh University, PA in Management Science/Industrial Engineering, Gold Medalist in Mechanical Engineering from Pune, India and an MBA from one of the Premier Institutes of Management in Ahmedabad, India (IIMA) (set up originally in collaboration with Harvard Business School).